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Shaker - Nature Zen

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Nature Zen’s Shaker is the essential accessory to carry your Nature Zen protein drink wherever you go. Perfectly waterproof and BPA-free.
Capacity: 760ml. Stainless steel mixing ball included.
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Shaker - Nature Zen Red
Shaker - Nature Zen - Collection
Shaker - Nature Zen - blue
Shaker - Nature Zen - purple
Shaker - Nature Zen green
Shaker - Nature Zen Orange
Shaker - Nature Zen Pink

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Excellente qualité

Shaker très pratique et d'excellente qualité, très solide. En plus, il est vraiment très joli. Je suis très satisfaite et je le recommande vivement.

Jim L.
Great shaker, very durable.

This shaker rocks. 🪨🎶👍 Can't shake it off my bag. :)


How much protein do I need?

Several institutions (as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) recommend a daily intake of 0.8g of protein/kg of body weight for an average individual. For Athletes, this intake should be at least 1.2g of protein/kg of body weight.

So if you have an average physical activity and your body weight is about 80kg, the daily protein intake for you would be 64g (including all protein sources throughout the day).

And if you are an athlete and your body weight is 60kg, the daily protein intake for you would be 72g and more (including all protein sources throughout the day).

Also, protein is not stored by the body, so it should be eaten every day.

How and when to use protein ?

Protein intake is recommended in the morning before starting your day as it will give you balance in your energy all day long. Another good moment in the day is 30 minutes (or less) after a physical activity.

You can take your organic vegan protein in shakes or smoothies for example, mixed with fruits or vegetables, as you like. We also recommend to use plant-based milk for better taste and digestion.

Is it good for children to take protein?

Yes. And not only are they good for children, but they are even recommended, as it sustains growth, immune system, and balance in energy and mood throughout the day!

As an example, for children aged 4 to 13, it is suggested to take 0.95g of protein per kg / day. So for a 20kg child, this is equivalent to 19g (including all the protein sources in his/her daily diet).

With our vegan and organic proteins, digestion and absorbtion rates by the body (98%) are even better than with other protein sources.

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